The Shrimp, 2019

Improvisationally-pieced log cabin blocks with men’s shirts and cotton solids.  Long arm quilted by Susan Santistevan.  This piece is a reflection on my experience growing up next door to a gay bar, The Little Shrimp, during the HIV/AIDS epidemic of the eighties. The use of bright reds and pinks reflects the vibrant and energetic gay culture, as well as the harrowing reality of HIV/AIDS at the time.

Past exhibition: The Third Annual Fort Collins Modern Quilt Guild Quilt Show.



For Ann, 2019

Improvisationally pieced and hand-quilted.  Men’s dress shirts (from Ann), select solids.



Special Occasion, 2018

An exploration in sustainable quilting.  Composed of re-purposed textile samples, antique table linens and linen garments.

Past Exhibit: An Exploration in Sustainable Quilting présented by the Boulder Modern Quilt Guild, The Second Annual Fort Collins Modern Quilt Guild Quilt Show.


Union, 2018

For Olivia and Ashwin on their journey in marriage.  Improvisational piecing of four log cabin blocks of men’s shirting and select solids.  Quilting by Carol Ricciardi.


Pleasure, 2018

A simple, pleasurable work.


Autumn Spontaneity, 2017


The Journey Medallion, 2016

Improvisationally pieced and quilted over one year, representing the journey of motherhood and career life, and how that journey grows and changes through time.  In each layer of the medallion a part of that journey is reflected.   New and re-purposed denim, mens shirts, cotton solids and prints.  Estes Park Fiber Celebration, 2017.


Me We Quilt

The Me We Quilt, 2017

Quilt Alliance, Voices.


Baby Be Mine

Baby Be Mine, 2016



 Random Mini, 2015


Random Mini

Random Mini, 2015


Flying Geese

Flying Geese, 2014


I Doctor and Sew

I Doctor and Sew, 2015

Color play, black and white block with found objects.


Oldie but Goodie

Oldie But Goodie, 2015


Learning Curves

Learning Curves, 2017