Forging a wardrobe


All I can say is, you can do it!  There are so many stellar independent pattern designers that make learning to sew and curate a personal wardrobe a pleasure.  Like learning an new language, or to play a musical instrument, sewing garments is a great way to exercise the mind and create something that is uniquely you.  These are some of my favorite projects from the last year.  Hover for pattern makers and their designs.


  1. I love your styling of these patterns! Would it be possible to post the types of fabrics you used and possibly where you got them? I especially love the fabrics you chose for the Pleated Summer Dress, Tibetan Panel Coat and Fulwood.


    1. Hello Amy, and thank you for the comment. I use a mix of medium and weight linens and other medium weight woven cottons for most. For the pleated summer dress I used fabric remnants of linen from Joanns (rust color) and I believe Michael Miller (striped woven). The Tibetan panel coat was also a mix of linens (exterior) and the lining all Cotton and Steel quilting cotton. Fulwood dress was the same stripes as the pleated summer dress, and the second version a thrifted pink plaid wool. In general I think medium weight wovens are the best for these patterns. Beautiful drape, easy to care for and perfect for layering. Have fun! Scarlet


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