Special Occasion

IMG_7850 (1)

Often times we save beautiful household items for special occasions.  Table linens, fine china, select vintage wines.  As families age and traditions change, these coveted items are frequently hidden away in cupboards and closets, sadly decaying in darkness.  Only when a family member becomes ill or passes, do we occasionally have the opportunity to bring them out again and recall the associated events.  Dinner parties, graduations, holiday celebrations.   I can still see my Grandmother raising her fierce eyebrows, motioning me to remove my elbows from the table, and gently dab the corners of my mouth instead of wiping roughly with her linen napkins.  I hear the clink of wine glasses during a toast.  I see the crumpled mound of linens after dessert, stained with hot pink lipstick and drippings from the leg of lamb.



Special Occasion is an exercise in sustainable quilting, containing a majority of re-purposed textiles.  Materials include re-purposed textile samples, linen garments, antique table linens and cotton solids.  Techniques include improvisational machine piecing and machine quilting on a domestic sewing machine.  Every effort was made not to purchase any material for this quilt, but to use only what I had on hand.  I was almost successful, with the exception of wool batting which kept the drape of the quilt light and fluid.

Currently on exhibit until December 14: An Exploration in Sustainable Quilting présented by the Boulder Modern Quilt Guild.

Past Exhibit: The Second Annual Fort Collins Modern Quilt Guild Quilt Show

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