Teach a friend to quilt

Meet Ana.

Ana and I met a few years ago when we first moved to Colorado.  A fellow mom, homeschooler, and from the Southwest, where we found many common themes in our upbringing and love of the desert.  We met for coffee with some other like minded women, nearly every Monday morning for the last two years.  This was a totally necessary and therapeutic time for us all, to bitch, philosophize, laugh or cry, and bounce the world off of one another.  Some moms brought their toddlers to meander around the busy cafe, while others happily settled in solo to take in the love and acceptance of the group.

Ana was always knitting, like mad knitting, like she’ll knit you under the table knitting.  Oh, and she has the best vocabulary of anyone I know.  But she wanted to quilt.   And of course I offered to help!  We took 3 afternoons to cover the basics: piecing the ohio star block, piecing the blocks together and adding a border.  And today she finished a pretty stellar top if I don’t say so myself!  Teaching a friend to quilt was fulfilling in a way I didn’t realize.  It brought me back to the magical mind of a beginner, and how remaining a beginner, and returning to the roots of this craft keep me grounded.

The crappy part of the story is Ana is moving, so the finality of today was sort of bittersweet.  I’ve agreed to Facetime tutorials for basting, quilting and binding,  but I’d sure rather sit over a cortado on a Monday and learn new vocabulary words.

I’ll miss you Ana.


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